Chat gpt as my Home assistant assistant

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Ai Gpt-4 Chatgpt

Home Assistant is great! But let’s be honest, the UX is confusing as hell. I always go looking for stuff in the wrong place, even if I know what I want to make it do.

Today I tried Chat GPT:

In home assistant, what should I use as source of a geo location trigger to create an automation that sets a scene when my iphone leaves home

And of course, I was not supposed to go looking under the “geo location” trigger, but a “device” trigger:

[AI]: You can use Home Assistant’s mobile app for iOS to track the location of your iPhone and trigger automations when it enters or leaves a specified area. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Home Assistant mobile app on your iPhone.
  2. Enable location tracking for the Home Assistant app on your iPhone.
  3. Set up a Home Assistant zone for your home location (e.g. “Home”).
  4. Create a new automation in Home Assistant.
  5. Set the automation trigger to “Device” and select your iPhone as the device.
  6. Set the trigger to “Leave” and select the “Home” zone as the target.
  7. Set the automation action to “Scene” and select the scene you want to activate when you leave home.

With this automation in place, your iPhone will trigger the scene you specified whenever it leaves the designated area.

I’ll probably summon new my Home Assistant assistant the next time I’m trying rub HA the right way again.