Series: Nix can

 · 2 min · torgeir

My journey with Nix continues, and I discover so many new bits and pieces about its workings. Here's a little series of posts in an attempt to document some of it along the way.

Nix Series

Here’s a little series of posts in an attempt to document some of the experiences with Nix as I dive head first into this mythical beast of a system configurations tool that is said to solve all your dependency problems.

Let’s call it Nix can.. and see where this goes.

Ideas for more*:

  • Nix can run reproducible scripts
  • Nix can have issues too
  • Nix can launch scripts that installs everything it needs
  • Nix can launch a repl, from which you can install and debug packages, or play with the language itself
  • Nix can be daunting, when stuff fails
  • Nix can build your own packages
  • Nix can build docker images, crazy fast, simply by copying stuff from the local /nix/store/ into them
  • Nix can override other packages’ builds, so you can customize them to your liking
  • Nix can build and run VMs
  • Nix can run VMs on macos
  • Nix can build ISO images for a USB stick or a Raspberry PI
  • Nix can run on WSL
  • Nix can draw graphs of all of a builds’ dependencies
  • Nix can build for other architectures that what your on right now
  • Nix can build on one machine and send the result to other machines

(*) That might one day become posts. These are mostly things I have not yet tried, but stuff I’ve read seems to suggest is possible.