Qemu: Mouse cursor offset

For the longest time I have been troubled by a mouse cursor offset when running Windows in a VM with …...

 · 2 min · torgeir

Proxmox in the homelab

Installing Proxmox on some old hardware at home or in a homelab is a great way to virtualize some of …...

 · 8 min · torgeir

More good stuff about Nix: NixOS modules

Tailscale developer Xe Iaso shows how to deploy a Go program as a NixOS service.

 · 1 min · torgeir

Rotate a webp image with imagemagick

My previous HEIC to webp conversion sometimes messes up the rotation. Here's how to fix it using …

 · 1 min · torgeir

Stuff I had no idea systemd could do

 · 1 min · torgeir

SMB1 for Sonos Controller 1 to discover music library

 · 1 min · torgeir